• The floating Pontoon is made from high molecular, high-density synthetic materials - strengthened that are anti-corrosive, will not freeze, anti-oxidation, UV resistant and environment-friendly.

    Anti-skid design on its upper surface to help with safety.

    The product has a long life span of over 15 years without maintenance

    With easy, quick and flexible assembly the sections can be used for all small Jet Ski to larger boats.


    • Height each standard float 40cm, each square meter is made up of four pontoons, top load is 325kgs.
    • Draft without load: 2.5-3cm;
    • Draft with load of 150kgs: 15-20cm (safe);
    • Draft with load of 300kgs:35-40cm (load limit)
    • Dimension: 500mm×500mm×400mm(L*W*H)
    • Weight: 7.0Kgs/ pc ± 0.3Kgs/ pc
    • Floating Capacity: 325Kgs/ M2
    • Raw Material: HMWHDPE
  • Wave Armor accessories transform docks from utilitarian to utopias, incorporating beautifully within the design of any modular Wave Dock layout, creating a fully integrated finished look and feel, while maximizing ease of use.


    • Snap Caps – The Port Snap-In Cap is available to cover unused mounting pockets in your PWC Port, creating a clean, finished look and a flush surface to walk on!
    • Side Extension – Attaches to either side of PWC Wave Port utilizing poly connecting pins placed in the unused mounting pockets.
    • Pipe Sleeve 50mm – Replaceable pipe sleeves accommodate 2”, 3” and 4” pipes and are engineered to absorb the everyday wear and tear associated with pipe mount installations.
    • Port to Port Link set – Allows for joining multiple Port units together to create one large dock.
    • SLX Wheel – Additional wheel for your Wave Port SLX 5 and SLX 6.
    • Recessed Sleeve and Bow Stop – Replacement Sleeves and bow stop kits.
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